The Importance of Package Design – A Case Study

With the advent of the age of Internet and e-commerce, new small businesses and products are being created everywhere and customers trust more the Internet to get their shopping done.

I am not going to talk here about package design for store display (as it belongs to a separate category) but rather online sales. This is because online sellers tend to be lazier than offline sellers in package design.

The reason for this is that online sellers have the advantage to display their products on their own website or on an e-commerce marketplace such as Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Shopify, etc. and omit the package. They tend to spend money on product photography and create professional photographs of their products but they disregard the product package. Some even send their products to customers in plastic bags!

Okay, so let’s look at the above for a minute. Yes, the buyer will look at the product and will rate you based on the quality of the product. But, realize that if you have a professional package design, this will add more trust to the BRAND. Actually, it is known that good package design with quality products will generate brand loyalty.

Don’t believe me? Look at reviews on Ebay or Amazon. You will find buyers criticizing the package and add a feeling of distrust. While others will comment on how beautiful the package design is. 


Case Study

Product: Matcha Tea Set

Marketplace: Amazon

I looked at Matcha Tea Sets and this is what I found:

Matcha DNA Set

This is, of course, a nice package design. The Brand is Matcha DNA. Now let’s look at what public say:

And now, let’s look at the opposite:

And here is one review:

Not only did he complain about the package and quality of the product but he also referred to Matcha DNA brand (the first image shown above)!

Customers are drawn, more than anything, to products that look good. Something that is well designed and interesting is bound to attract more potential customers than a product that is poorly designed and looks bland. This is the importance of package design. It is the key part of marketing a product and ensuring it sells. Good sellers know this and that’s why when it comes to e-commerce, not only are they featuring the product itself, but also showing the package that it will come in. After all, if you see a nice product with a nice package design, would you have more confidence in buying that product?

Good luck to you.

  • On June 29, 2017


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